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Tyler Blackburn, born on October 12, 1986, in Burbank, California, is a versatile American entertainer celebrated for his roles in television and music. He rose to fame through his compelling portrayal of Caleb Rivers in the widely acclaimed TV series “Pretty Little Liars” and its spin-off, “Ravenswood.” Beyond the screen, Blackburn has embraced a musical journey, showcasing his artistic range by releasing his debut single, “Find a Way,” in 2014. His passion for acting and music has solidified him as a multifaceted talent in the entertainment industry.

In addition to his artistic pursuits, Tyler Blackburn has emerged as a vocal advocate for mental health awareness. Transparent about his challenges, he uses his influence to destigmatize mental health issues and promote open conversations. Tyler’s commitment to authenticity, coupled with his artistic prowess, has endeared him to fans and established him as a captivating performer and a compassionate voice in the ongoing dialogue surrounding mental health.

Details Table of Tyler Blackburn

Full NameTyler Blackburn
Date of BirthOctober 12, 1986
Place of BirthBurbank, California, USA
ProfessionActor, Singer
Notable Works“Pretty Little Liars,” “Ravenswood”
Debut Single“Find a Way” (2014)
AdvocacyMental Health Awareness Advocate
Social Media@tylerjblackburn (Twitter)
Other Notable FactsOpen about personal struggles, advocates for mental health awareness
Details Table of Tyler Blackburn

Early Life

Tyler Blackburn was born on October 12, 1986, in Burbank, California, USA. While there is limited detailed information available about his early life, it’s known that he developed an interest in acting and music from a young age. He embarked on his entertainment career, and his breakthrough came when he landed the role of Caleb Rivers in the popular television series “Pretty Little Liars.”

Growing up in the entertainment industry, Tyler likely encountered various experiences that influenced his passion for acting and music. Unfortunately, specific details about his family background, education, and early experiences are not as widely documented. Celebrities often choose to keep certain aspects of their personal lives private, and Tyler Blackburn is no exception.

Family and Relationships

His mother’s name is Kim Blackburn. The actor has a sister and three brothers. Currently, he lives in Los Angeles, California. Talking about Blackburn’s love life, he dated Ashley Benson in 2013. The couple never readily disclosed their relationship. It is also in the news that the American actor cum singer had dated casting director Heather Catania before starting his relationship with Benson.

Tyler Blackburn has been in relationships with Ashley Benson (2013 – 2016) and Heather Catania (2013).


Tyler Blackburn has had a diverse career in the entertainment industry, encompassing acting and music. Here’s an overview of his career:

Acting Career:

  • “Pretty Little Liars” (2011–2017): Blackburn gained widespread recognition for his role as Caleb Rivers in the hit teen drama series “Pretty Little Liars.” He portrayed the character from the first season and continued throughout the series.
  • “Ravenswood” (2013–2014): Blackburn reprised his role as Caleb Rivers in the spin-off series “Ravenswood,” which, unfortunately, only ran for one season.
  • Other Television Appearances: In addition to his prominent roles, Tyler has made appearances in various TV shows, including “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Rockville CA,” and “Wendy.”
  • Film Roles: While television has been a primary focus, Tyler Blackburn has also taken on roles in films such as “Love Is All You Need?” (2016) and “Hello Again” (2017).

Music Career:

  • Tyler Blackburn is not only an actor but also a musician. In 2014, he released his debut single titled “Find a Way,” showcasing his talents as a singer.
  • He has continued to explore his musical interests, occasionally sharing updates about his music on social media.


  • Tyler Blackburn has been an advocate for mental health awareness. He has spoken openly about his struggles with mental health issues, aiming to reduce the stigma surrounding these topics.


  1. “Pretty Little Liars” Success: Tyler gained widespread fame and acclaim for his role as Caleb Rivers in the popular television series “Pretty Little Liars.” The show itself was a massive success and garnered a dedicated fan base.
  2. Music Debut: Tyler Blackburn ventured into the music industry with the release of his debut single, “Find a Way,” in 2014. This marked his entry into the music scene and showcased his talent as a singer.
  3. Advocacy for Mental Health: Beyond his entertainment career, Tyler Blackburn has become a prominent advocate for mental health awareness. His openness about his own struggles has resonated with many, contributing to conversations aimed at reducing the stigma surrounding mental health.


Tyler Blackburn recently found himself amid controversy after posting an Easter-themed photo on his Instagram. The snapshot featured a group of chicks dyed in rainbow colors. While this might initially seem like a harmless and festive gesture, fans were quick to express their concerns about animal cruelty in the comments section. The backlash prompted Tyler to take down the photo in response to the criticism.

It appears that many fans were upset about the potential harm caused to the chicks during the dyeing process, a sentiment amplified by a viral video circulating on social media. The video sheds light on what seems to be a distressing and traumatic experience for the young chicks as they undergo the coloring procedure. Although, likely, Tyler didn’t intend to promote animal cruelty, the passionate reactions from fans have brought attention to the importance of being mindful of the potential impact and ethical considerations associated with seemingly innocuous posts.

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Interesting Facts

  1. Tyler Jordon Blackburn was born on October 12, 1986 in Burbank, California.
  2. He has one older sister and three younger brothers.
  3. He has a scar on his left shoulder caused by the removal of a bone tumor at the age of 10.
  4. He began performing in 2004 and appeared on the Nickelodeon series Unfabulous.
  5. He is best known for playing Caleb Rivers in the hit Freeform series Pretty Little Liars and its spin-off, Ravenswood.
  6. He starred as Alex Manes in The CW series Roswell, New Mexico (2019–2022)
  7. He recorded Golden State’s “Save Me” to be used as the theme song for the Alloy Entertainment web series Wendy.
  8. He also recorded songs with Novi including “Can’t Love Me” which played in the twelfth episode of Roswell, New Mexico.
  9. He publicly came out as bisexual on April 19, 2019.

Tyler Blackburn’s Net Worth

Tyler is one of the richest TV Actors in the United States. According to our analysis, Wikipedia, Forbes & Business Insider, Tyler Blackburn’s net worth is $5 Million.

Net Worth$5 Million
SalaryUnder Review
Source of IncomeTV Actor
CarsNot Available
HouseLiving In Own House.
Tyler Blackburn’s Net Worth

Social Media

InstagramTyler Blackburn
FacebookTyler Blackburn
TwitterTyler Blackburn
Social Media


Tyler Blackburn, a multifaceted talent in the entertainment industry, seamlessly blends acting and music to captivate audiences worldwide. Born on October 12, 1986, in Burbank, California, Blackburn catapulted to fame as Caleb Rivers in the hit series “Pretty Little Liars.” His magnetic performances showcase a depth of emotion and authenticity, earning him not only acclaim but also a devoted fan base.

Beyond the screen, Blackburn’s foray into music, marked by his debut single “Find a Way,” reveals a versatile artist with a soulful voice. However, it’s not just his artistic prowess that defines him; Tyler is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness, sharing his personal journey to destigmatize discussions around mental well-being. With an engaging social media presence and a commitment to using his platform for positive impact, Tyler Blackburn stands not just as a talent to watch but as an influential voice in shaping conversations about art, advocacy, and authenticity in the modern entertainment landscape.

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