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Ashton Myler, a prominent American YouTuber, has made a niche for himself in the digital world through his versatile content and charismatic online presence. With over 2.68 million subscribers on his self-titled YouTube channel and a vast variety of content, Ashton has become a household name for entertainment seekers.

Ashton Myler Personal Details

NameAshton Myler
Profile NameAshton Myler
Date of Birth (Age)January 30, 2006 (17 years)
YouTube Debut (DOJ)May 06, 2018
Total Videos102+
Net WorthUSD 4.26 million approx
ResidenceUnited States of America
Social Media ReachFollowers/Subscribers
YouTube2.68 million subscribers
20.7 million subscribers (views)
611 million + (views)
Instagram95.8k followers

Early Life and Rising Stardom

Ashton Myler life

Ashton Myler’s path to becoming a YouTube sensation and multi-talented entertainer is a testament to his determination and passion for creating engaging content. Born on January 30, 2006, in the United States, Ashton’s journey in the world of digital entertainment began at an early age. 

Ashton has three siblings who share his passion for martial arts and digital stardom. He has two brothers, Bryton and Paxton, and a sister named Payton. Each of his siblings is a prominent figure in the world of social media, contributing to the family’s collective online presence.

The Myler family’s connection with martial arts runs deep, with all siblings, including Ashton and his father, being martial arts enthusiasts. Their shared love for martial arts has not only solidified their family bonds but has also fueled their individual journeys in this field.

The Martial Art

One of the key aspects that set Ashton Myler apart is his astounding proficiency in martial arts. At a tender age, he started his journey, eventually earning a prestigious 3rd-degree black belt. His journey was not a solitary one, as all his siblings and his father are best judges of martial arts, making it a family tradition. It’s a witness to Ashton’s dedication and passion that he achieved such mastery in martial arts, making him a role model for many.

YouTube: His Launchpad to Stardom

In May 2018, Ashton ventured into the world of YouTube, becoming a vital member of Ninja Kidz TV, a prominent channel with nearly 16 million subscribers. Together with fellow members, he crafted a diverse content that included challenge videos, action skits, and engaging vlogs. His talent and charisma shone brightly, drawing viewers from across the digital landscape..

Ashton’s journey as a content creator on YouTube was marked by consistency and creativity. He started with a handful of videos and gradually expanded his content repertoire. His dedication to producing high-quality content paid off, as his subscriber count began to soar. His ability to connect with viewers through prank videos, thrilling challenge videos, and entertaining daily vlogs quickly endeared him to a growing fan base.

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Ashton’s acting path

Ashton’s talents extend beyond the realm of YouTube. In 2015, he made his debut in the film industry, appearing in the movie “Riot.” His journey as an actor didn’t stop there. In 2019, he marked his TV debut in the series “The Aquabats! RadVentures.” Ashton’s versatility as an actor extended to his portrayal of Robin/Damian Wayne in “Red Hood: The Fan Series.” In addition to these endeavors, he made an appearance in the 2020 short film, “Ninja Kidz Sonic the Hedgehog Movie.”

Personal Life and Hobbies

Beyond the glitz and glamor of fame, Ashton remains a down-to-earth individual. While he maintains discretion about his relationship status, he is widely presumed to be single, allowing him to fully focus on his rising career.

 Ashton has a strong liking for reading and shares a passion for theme parks with his brother Bryton. His varied interests and grounded nature make him a relatable figure to his dedicated fan base.

Ashton Myler Favorite Things

  • Favorite Colors: Blue and Pink
  • Favorite Destination: Paris, France
  • Favorite Actor: Tom Hardy
  • Favorite Actress: Jennifer Lawrence
  • Favorite Sports: Tennis
  • Favorite Sportsperson: Serena Williams

“Ashton Myler” YouTube Channel

Recognizing his growing influence and artistic prowess, Ashton embarked on his own creative journey in 2018. This marked the birth of his eponymous YouTube channel, “Ashton Myler.” His initial video, titled “Ashton’s 1st Video + Ninja Kidz TV Highlight Compilation!” marked the beginning of his solo venture.

Here, Ashton’s infectious charm and humor came to the forefront, captivating an ever-growing subscriber base that now numbers well over a million. His channel is a treasure box of challenge videos, vlogs, and skits, offering viewers engaging and entertaining content. With over 2.68 million subscribers and more than 9.7 million views to date, the Ashton Myler YouTube channel continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

Ashton Myler’s Net Worth

One question that often arises is the mystery surrounding Ashton Myler’s net worth. While the exact figure remains undisclosed, it’s estimated to be around USD 4.26 million. His primary income sources are YouTube and ad revenue. According to Social Blade, he generates between USD 2.4k to 39k per month and between USD 29.3k to 468.6k per year from ad revenue.

 The Ashton Myler YouTube channel alone has over 611 million views to date. As his career continues to flourish, his net worth is expected to see significant growth in the upcoming years.

Ashton Myler Net Worth

Net Worth4.26 million
Social Revenue39k per month
Youtube Subscribers611 millions

Ashton’s Impact on Social Media

Ashton’s influence transcends YouTube. On Instagram, he goes by the handle “ashton_myler,” amassing a following of over 95.8k. His account is a window into his lifestyle, filled with travel photos and handsome-looking pictures, often alongside friends and family members. Despite being relatively less active on Instagram, Ashton has successfully gathered thousands of followers, reflecting his cross-platform appeal.


In a world where digital media reigns supreme, Ashton Myler’s journey stands out as an inspiration for aspiring talents. His mastery of martial arts, entering into acting, and conquering YouTube showcase his extraordinary versatility. With an estimated net worth of USD 4.26 million and a growing fan base, the 17-year-old has a promising future ahead.

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