Dwayne Johnson Biography: Height, Inspiring Age, Blissful Wife, Cherished Family & More

American actor, producer of motion pictures, and former professional wrestler Dwayne Johnson Biography will highlight all the incredible talents he have, also it will inspire you to the fullest.

Dwayne Douglas Johnson, born on May 2, 1972, goes by the ring moniker the Rock WWE. As one of the all-time greats in professional wrestling, he played a crucial role in the growth and success of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, presently known as WWE) in the late 1990s and early 2000s Attitude Era.

Before deciding to pursue a career in acting, Johnson wrestled for the WWF for eight years. He is among the highest-paid and highest-grossing performers in the world thanks to his films, which have brought in over $3.5 billion in North America and over $10.5 billion globally.

Dwayne Johnson Biography: Details

Full NameDwayne Douglas Johnson
Date of BirthMay 2, 1972 (age 51)
Place of BirthHayward, California, U.S.
Alma MaterUniversity of Miami (BGS)
OccupationsActor, professional wrestler, film producer, businessman
Years Active– 1996–2019 (wrestling)
– 1999–present (acting)
Spouses– Dany Garcia (m. 1997; div. 2008)
– Lauren Hashian (m. 2019)
Children3, including Ava Raine
ParentsRocky Johnson (father)
Professional Wrestling CareerRing Names: Dwayne Johnson, Flex Kavana, Rocky Maivia, The Rock
Billed Height: 6 ft 5 in (196 cm)
Billed Weight: 260 lb (118 kg)
Billed From: Miami, Florida
Trained By:Pat Patterson, Rocky Johnson, Tom Prichard
Debut: March 10, 1996
Retired:August 3, 2019
CollegeMiami (FL) (1990–1994)
Bowl Games– Cotton Bowl Classic (1991)
High SchoolFreedom High School (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)
Career Highlights and Awards– AP Poll national champion (1991)
Dwayne Johnson Biography: the rock wwe

Early Life and Family Roots

Dyane Johnson’s early life is discussed in this Dwayne Johnson Biography in a detailed manner. Dwayne Johnson was born on May 2, 1972, in Hayward, California. His family has a solid connection to professional wrestling. His father, Rocky Johnson (real name: Wayde Douglas Bowles), was a professional wrestler who made history by becoming one of the first black tag team champions in WWE in 1983.

His mother, Ata Johnson (formerly Maivia), is of Samoan descent and was the adopted daughter of Peter Maivia, another wrestling legend. Dwayne’s maternal grandmother, Lia, played a groundbreaking role as one of the first female wrestling promoters. Through his grandfather, Peter Maivia, Dwayne Johnson is connected to the legendary Anoa’i wrestling family.

School Years

Dwayne attended various schools during his early years. He spent some time in Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand, where he played rugby and went to Richmond Road Primary School. He later returned to the United States, where his educational journey took him to schools like Montclaire Elementary School, Shepherd Glen Elementary School, Hamden Middle School, President William McKinley High School, and others.

However, Dwayne’s high school years were marked by challenges. He was involved in conflicts and petty crimes, which led to multiple arrests and a two-week suspension from school for fighting.

The Turning Point

Dwayne’s life took a significant turn when Jody Cwik, the football coach at Freedom High School, recognized his athletic potential. Despite his troubled past, Dwayne Johnson’s transformation began when he joined the school’s football team as a defensive tackle. He found inspiration and purpose through sports.

In his own words, Dwayne shared, “My thought process started to change. That’s when I started thinking about goals and what I wanted to accomplish,” reflecting on his high school football experience. Beyond football, he also embraced track and field and wrestling, showcasing his diverse talents.

In his senior year, Dwayne received a complete athletic scholarship offer from the University of Miami, marking the next chapter of his journey. This chapter would eventually lead to his remarkable wrestling and entertainment career which has been cover in this Dwayne Johnson Biography.

University and Football Days

Dwayne Johnson’s journey through college and football was marked by determination and resilience. He continued his athletic journey at the University of Miami, playing as a defensive tackle.

In 1991, during his first year, he contributed to the Miami Hurricanes football team, which clinched the national championship. Despite facing fierce competition, including future NFL star Warren Sapp, Johnson often played in backup roles during his 39 games with one start. His unwavering determination was a defining trait.

In 1995, Dwayne Johnson graduated from the University of Miami, holding a Bachelor of General Studies with dual majors in criminology and physiology. Beyond his academic achievements, he took on the role of a prominent student speaker within the Miami community. Johnson candidly shared his struggles and delivered motivational messages to fellow students, emphasizing the significance of education and steering clear of the perils of drug use.

Transition to the Canadian Football League

After completing his university education, Dwayne Johnson followed his passion for football through a unique path. He entered the Canadian Football League (CFL) and signed with the Calgary Stampeders.

In this Dwayne Johnson Biography highlighted this marked a pivotal change in his football career, as Johnson shifted from defensive tackle to linebacker, showcasing his adaptability and eagerness to explore new horizons within the sport. He began his CFL journey on Calgary’s practice roster but faced a challenging turn of events when he was released just two months into the 1995 CFL season.

The decision by the Calgary Stampeders signified a significant turning point in Dwayne Johnson’s life, propelling him toward a destiny that would ultimately make him a household name.

Dwayne Johnson Career As A Wrestler

YearStage in CareerNotable EventsChampionships Won
1996Early Career– Secured tryout matches with WWF

– Wrestling under real name

– Signed WWF contract

– Training from Tom Prichard
1996-1997Debut; Intercontinental Champion– Debut as Rocky Maivia

– Became Intercontinental Champion
1997-1998Nation of Domination– Turned heel, joined Nation of Domination

– Started referring to himself as ‘The Rock’
1998-2000WWF Champion and Rise to Superstardom– Won his first WWF Championship at Survivor Series

– Turned heel again, aligned with The Corporation

– Engaged in feuds and regained the WWF Championship
WWF Championship (5 times) and WCW Championship
1999Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection– Teamed up with Mankind as the Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection

– Won WWF Tag Team Championship
WWF Tag Team Championship
2000Royal Rumble Victory– Entered Royal Rumble match and won by eliminating Big Show

– Challenged for WWF Championship at WrestleMania 2000
Record-breaking world champion (2000–2002)– Won the WWF Championship at Backlash with Austin’s help

– Successfully defended title against Shane McMahon in a Steel Cage match

– Faced Triple H in an Iron Man match at Judgment Day

– Lost the title at King of the Ring, but regained it

– Successful title defenses against Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, and others
WWF Championship (5 times) and WCW Championship
Departure and return (2002–2011)– Went on a sabbatical

– Returned during The Invasion storyline

– Won WCW Championship for the first time at SummerSlam

– Feuded with Stone Cold Steve Austin and other wrestlers

– Transitioned to Hollywood Rock character
WCW Championship and WWF Tag Team Championship
Feud with John Cena (2011–2013)– Hosted WrestleMania XXVII

– Began a feud with John Cena

– Defeated Cena at WrestleMania XXVIII

– Regained the WWE Championship

– Lost the championship to Cena at WrestleMania 29
WWE Championship (8 times) and Royal Rumble win
Sporadic Appearances (2014–2023)– Made sporadic appearances at WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, and other events

– Broke records at WrestleMania 32 with an impromptu match
N/A (part-time appearances)
Impact Wrestling (2020)– Inducted Ken Shamrock into the Impact Hall of Fame via a video messageN/AN/A
Dwayne Johnson Biography: Career As A Wrestler

Mainstream Success

During the late ’90s and early 2000s, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson went beyond wrestling to conquer the world of entertainment.

  • Entertaining Everyone: In 1999, he appeared on TV shows like “That ’70s Show” and even played an alien wrestler on “Star Trek: Voyager.” These appearances hinted at his talent and opened new doors.
  • Stepping into the Spotlight: In 2000, Johnson hosted “Saturday Night Live.” This was a game-changer as Hollywood started to notice him after the show’s success.
  • Big Movie Debut: In 2001, The Rock made his film debut as “The Scorpion King” in “The Mummy Returns.” The movie did really well, leading to his leading role in the spin-off “The Scorpion King” (2002). He earned big bucks and set a world record as the highest-paid first-time leading actor.
  • Covers and Games: The Rock graced magazine covers like Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, and TV Guide. He also appeared in video games, making him more popular.
  • Social Media Star: By November 2021, The Rock had over 280 million followers on Instagram, making him one of the most followed people on the platform.

Legacy and Impact

Dwayne “The Rock WWE” Johnson is remembered as one of the greatest wrestlers ever, and he’s appreciated by other wrestling legends like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and John Cena. His 1999 “I quit” match with Mankind is still famous.

The Rock WWE headlined the most-watchedpay-per-view events, and he set records for top-rated episodes of Raw and the rock smackdown. His return in 2011 and 2013 drew big audiences. He also gave us “SmackDown,” which is now a recognized term, and his use of “jabroni” became a thing too.

Dwayne Johnson set records by headlining many wrestling shows. In 2021, a Battle Royal celebrated his 25 years in WWE.

Dwayne Johnson The Rock Smackdown

Dwayne Johnson Biography, the rock wwe: the rock smackdown

Dwayne Johnson Biography also includes that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson made a special appearance on WWE Smackdown, offering a thrilling moment for fans. He joined Pat McAfee, and together they added excitement to the show. The two had been in Colorado earlier to record a podcast.

McAfee greeted the Denver crowd, but things got interesting when Austin Theory, a WWE superstar, showed up. Then, with McAfee’s introduction, Dwayne Johnson, the rock smackdown entry scene, surprising the audience. The Rock WWE engaged in a lively exchange with Theory, and the highlight was when both The Rock and McAfee performed the ‘People’s Elbow,’ much to the delight of the crowd.

Dwayne Johnson’s Journey in Hollywood

YearCareer StageNotable Works/Events
2001–2010Career Beginnings– TV debut on “That ’70s Show”
– Appearance in “Star Trek: Voyager”
– Film roles in “The Mummy Returns,” “The Scorpion King,”
“The Rundown,” “Walking Tall,” and others
– Supporting role in “Be Cool” and primary antagonist in
– Various roles in films like “Gridiron Gang,” “Reno 911!:
Miami,” “Southland Tales,” “The Game Plan,” and “Get
– Academy Award presentation for Best Visual Effects
2011–2020Stardom with Blockbuster Roles– Breakthrough with “Fast Five” and portrayal of Luke Hobbs
– Roles in “G.I. Joe: Retaliation,” “Pain & Gain,” and
“Empire State”
– Hosted and produced reality series “The Hero”
– Top-grossing actor of 2013 with Forbes credits to “Fast
& Furious 6″ and frequent acting work
– Titles like “Hercules,” “Furious 7,” “Central Intelligence,”
and “Moana”
– Blockbuster films “Baywatch” and “Jumanji: Welcome to the
Jungle” as Mitchell “Mitch” Buchannon and Dr. Smolder
Bravestone, respectively
2021–Career Expansion– Roles in “Jungle Cruise” and Netflix’s “Red Notice”
– Partnership with Under Armour for “Project Rock”
– Launch of Teremana Tequila
– Co-producing and starring in various films like “San
Andreas,” “Black Adam,” “The King,” and more
– Hosting NBC series “Young Rock”
2012–Producer– Founded Seven Bucks Productions
– Multiple producing projects
– Co-produces and stars in various films
2000–Other Work– Published autobiography “The Rock Says…”
– Hosted and produced reality series “The Hero” and “Wake
Up Call”
– Hosts NBC competition series “The Titan Games”
– YouTube channel and collaborations
– Launch of Teremana Tequila and other ventures
– Announced bodybuilding show “Athleticon” and involvement
in fitness projects
– Musical appearance on Tech N9ne’s album “Asin9ne”
Activism & Philanthropy
– Political involvement in the 2000 DNC “Smackdown Your Vote”
campaign and a speaking role at the 2000 RNC
– Voting for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 presidential elections
– Not voting in the 2016 election, becoming an independent voter
– Endorsing Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election
– Philanthropic activities, including charity foundation,
donations, and support for causes like Make-A-Wish Foundation
– Significant seven-figure donation to SAG-AFTRA Foundation
Dwayne Johnson Biography: This table provides an overview of Dwayne Johnson’s career in acting, his diverse roles in various films and TV shows, his production and other work, as well as his philanthropic contributions and political involvement.

Dwayne Johnson, widely known as “The Rock,” ventured into Hollywood in the early 2000s while maintaining his wrestling career. His popularity in the wrestling ring opened doors in the film industry. Johnson’s journey began with television roles while he was still a wrestler. He portrayed his father in an episode of “That ’70s Show” in 1999 and played an alien wrestler in “Star Trek: Voyager.”

His actual film career kicked off with roles in movies like “The Mummy Returns” (2001), “The Scorpion King” (2002), and “The Rundown” (2003). Johnson’s versatility shone as he took on various roles, from a bodyguard aspiring to be an actor in “Be Cool” (2005) to the primary antagonist in “Doom” (2005). His filmography expanded with movies like “Gridiron Gang” (2006) and “Reno 911!: Miami” (2007).

In 2011, Johnson’s career skyrocketed with the success of “Fast Five.” His portrayal of Luke Hobbs in the “Fast & Furious” franchise marked a turning point. He continued to breathe new life into film franchises and starred in successful films like “Pain & Gain” (2013) and “Empire State” (2013). His hosting and production of the reality series “The Hero,” further showcased his diverse talents. By the end of 2013, Forbes crowned him as the highest-grossing actor, mainly due to the “Fast & Furious 6” success.

Over the years, Johnson went on to play notable roles in “Hercules” (2014), “Furious 7” (2015), “Central Intelligence” (2016), and voiced dwayne johnson maui in Disney’s “Moana.” He remained a prominent figure in the industry, featuring in blockbusters like “Baywatch” (2017) and “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” (2017). In 2019, “Jumanji: The Next Level” and “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw” continued to showcase his enduring star power.

In 2021, he co-starred with Emily Blunt in Disney’s “Jungle Cruise” and starred in Netflix’s “Red Notice.” Johnson’s influence extended beyond the screen with his involvement in various projects and business ventures.

Dwayene: The Rock Johnson Movies List

As of now, The Rock Johnson movies list include the following list

The Mummy Returns (2001)PG-13130 minAction, Adventure, Fantasy
The Scorpion King (2002)PG-1392 minAction, Adventure, Fantasy
The Rundown (2003)PG-13104 minAction, Adventure, Comedy
Walking Tall (2004)PG-1386 minAction, Crime
Be Cool (2005)PG-13118 minComedy, Crime, Music
Doom (2005)R105 minAction, Horror, Sci-Fi
Gridiron Gang (2006)PG-13125 minBiography, Crime, Drama
Reno 911!: Miami (2007)R84 minComedy, Crime
The Game Plan (2007)PG110 minComedy, Family, Sport
Get Smart (2008)PG-13110 minAction, Adventure, Comedy
Race to Witch Mountain (2009)PG98 minAction, Adventure, Family
Tooth Fairy (2010)PG101 minComedy, Family, Fantasy
The Other Guys (2010)PG-13107 minAction, Comedy, Crime
Faster (2010)R98 minAction, Crime, Drama
Fast Five (2011)PG-13130 minAction, Crime, Thriller
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2012)PG94 minAction, Adventure, Comedy
Snitch (2013)PG-13112 minAction, Drama, Thriller
G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013)PG-13110 minAction, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Empire State (2013)R94 minAction, Crime, Thriller
Pain & Gain (2013)R129 minAction, Biography, Comedy
Fast & Furious 6 (2013)PG-13130 minAction, Adventure, Crime
Hercules (2014)PG-1398 minAction, Adventure, Fantasy
Ballers (2015–2019)TV-MA30 minComedy, Drama, Sport
Furious 7 (2015)PG-13137 minAction, Crime, Thriller
San Andreas (2015)PG-13114 minAction, Adventure, Thriller
Central Intelligence (2016)PG-13107 minAction, Comedy, Crime
The Fate of the Furious (2017)PG-13136 minAction, Crime, Thriller
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)PG-13119 minAction, Adventure, Comedy
Baywatch (2017)R116 minAction, Comedy, Crime
Rampage (2018)PG-13107 minAction, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Skyscraper (2018)PG-13102 minAction, Adventure, Thriller
Fighting with My Family (2019)PG-13108 minBiography, Comedy, Drama
Hobbs & Shaw (2019)PG-13137 minAction, Adventure, Thriller
Jumanji: The Next Level (2019)PG-13123 minAction, Adventure, Comedy
Jungle Cruise (2021)PG-13127 minAction, Adventure, Comedy
Red Notice (2021)PG-13118 minAction, Comedy, Thriller
Black Adam (2022)PG-13125 minAction, Adventure, Fantasy
the rock johnson movies list

Dwayne Johnson Biography: Video

Dwayne Johnson: A Multi-Talented Star

Image credit: gettyimages

Dwayne Johnson’s Hollywood journey started with television roles in 1999, and he quickly made his mark on the film industry. He’s taken on a wide range of characters in popular movies, from action-packed blockbusters like “Fast Five” to humorous roles in “Central Intelligence.” His charisma also shone in animated films, where he voiced the character Maui in Disney’s “Moana.”

Not only a successful actor, but Johnson is also a talented producer. He founded Seven Bucks Productions and expanded into producing films like “Fighting with My Family” and “The King.” He’s always looking for new projects, and he even has a sequel to “San Andreas” in the works. His busy schedule also includes producing “Athleticon,” a competitive bodybuilding show.

Outside of the film industry, Johnson is known for his philanthropic efforts. He founded the Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation, which supports children in need. He’s made substantial donations to various causes, including disaster relief efforts and military bases.

This multi-talented star’s influence goes beyond Hollywood, as he has been involved in numerous ventures. His dedication to various projects and his philanthropic work have made him a beloved figure in the entertainment industry and beyond.

However, Dwayne Johnson next movie will be Red One. The release date of Red One is expected for late November or early December of 2023.

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In the early 1990s, Johnson made the acquaintance of Dany Garcia (Dwayne Johnson first wife), a fellow University of Miami student. They tied the knot on May 3, 1997. She is a producer, an IFBB professional bodybuilder, and a businesswoman. On August 14, 2001, simone alexandra johnson, their daughter, was born. Dwayne Johnson and wife Garcia filed for divorce in May 2008, having announced their peaceful separation on June 1, 2007.

The daughter of Boston musician Sib Hashian, Lauren Hashian, and Johnson started dating in 2007. Johnson was shooting The Game Plan when they initially got together in 2006. On August 18, 2019, they tied the knot in Hawaii. Dwayne Johnson and wife Lauren Hashian are blessed with two daughters. In addition to keeping a farm in Virginia and a house in Southwest Ranches, Florida, Johnson and Hashian reside in Los Angeles.

Image credit: gettyimages

For many years, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was regarded as one of Hollywood’s most attractive guys, but he had an obsession with Lauren Hashian (rock’s wife).

Johnson wrote via Instagram in July 2019 while promoting his film Hobbs & Shaw.

“I set the tone and tempo, but she’ll always be the life anchor who makes this whole thing happen and shine,” Johnson wrote via Instagram in July 2019 while promoting his film Hobbs & Shaw. “Pleasure to rock the @hobbsandshaw world premiere w/ my much better half & beautiful smoke show. … Best part about this night is by 11pm, we’re already at home, in our sweatpants and sippin’ on tequila. My kinda night and my kinda gal 😉🥃 The strength & coolness of a woman comes in many many different forms.”

Despite not being an actor, Hashian and her spouse have managed to collaborate. The two worked together in July 2021 on a song that she composed for an Olympic advertisement promoting the drink ZOA Energy.

Bottom Line

Dwayne Johnson Biography is one of resilience, self-discovery, and the pursuit of one’s dreams. From a troubled youth to a celebrated wrestler and a beloved Hollywood icon, he continues to inspire millions worldwide with his incredible journey. Stay tuned for more insights into the life of ‘The Rock.’

What made The Rock quit the WWE?

“I wanted to live up to my promise to give them everything I could.” However, that wasn’t his sole motivation. And he thought that if he left for a bit, he would be able to contribute even more to the company that had given him so much.

How did The Rock come to be known?

As the first-ever third-generation superstar in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), formerly known as the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), he rose to widespread recognition while competing as a wrestler there from 1996 to 2004.

Can Rock buy WWE?

In response to a question concerning the likelihood of The Rock WWE purchasing, Dave Scherer of PW Insider provided the following explanation: I don’t think he would want to move, and he would need a lot of funding and/or partners. As previously stated, TV rights account for the majority of WWE’s income.

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