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Branson Tannerites: This individual, the oldest of seven siblings, is prominently featured on the family vlog channel called the Tannerites. Together, they’ve gathered an impressive following of over 450,000 subscribers. In addition to their vlogging duties, they’ve taken on the important role of a Mormon missionary. They openly share their missionary experiences and stories with their audience through their personal YouTube account, which shares their own name. Through this channel, they provide insights and anecdotes about their journey within the Mormon church, engaging with and informing their viewers.

In this article you will get to know about his age, early life, career net worth, girlfriend, famous Videos and many more 

Branson Tannerites: List of Details

NameBranson Tannerities
Date of birthMay 29, 2005
BirthplaceSalt Lake City, Utah, USA
OccupationSocial media influencer, YouTuber
ChannelsTannerites (family vlog), Yawi Vlogs (challenge), Branson Tannerities (personal)
Followers9.04 million (total)
Posts6.77K (total)
Following233 (total)
Height5’10” (178 cm)
Weight150 lbs (68 kg)
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBrown
Siblings2 brothers and 1 sister
ParentsChad and Julie Tanner
Relationship statusSingle
HobbiesSpending time with family and friends, playing video games, watching movies, traveling
Favorite thingsPizza, ice cream, the beach, spending time with family and friends
GoalsTo continue to grow his social media platforms and use them to make a positive impact on the world.

His Early Life and Family

Branson Tannerites’ journey into filmmaking and acting began at a young age as he made videos with family and friends. In 2015, his family started the Tannerites YouTube channel, where Branson quickly became known for his humour. He also participated in the family’s popular challenge videos. In 2016, he embarked on a two-year mission to Lyon, France, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which deepened his faith and self-discovery. Back in the U.S., he’s pursuing an acting career while continuing to create videos with loved ones. He’s a role model and inspiration to many.

His Wife and children 

Branson Tannerites is married to Mara Tannerites. They got married on June 25, 2022. They do not have any children yet.Mara is a YouTuber and social media influencer. She is also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.Branson and Mara met in 2020 and began dating shortly after. They got engaged in December 2021 and married six months later.


YouTuber and vlogger, Branson Tannerites, achieved fame as an integral part of the Tannerites family vlog channel. Launched in July 2015 by his parents, this channel featured Branson and his six siblings, producing a variety of engaging content, from emotional farewells to daily routines. With an impressive following of over 4.3 million subscribers, the Tannerites became a household name. Branson’s involvement extended to the family’s secondary channel, “Yawi Vlogs,” which emerged in June 2017 and now has more than 1.54 million subscribers.

In 2019, Branson embarked on a solo YouTube journey with his channel, “Branson Tannerites,” amassing 339k subscribers. His content includes challenges, vlogs, pranks, and imaginative creations, such as “Huge Announcement!!!!” and “If You Catch It, You Keep It Challenge!!!!.” Branson’s online presence and captivating content continue to resonate with a substantial audience.

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 Branson Tannerities:Achievements

  • Has over 6.7 million subscribers on the Tannerites YouTube channel 
  • Has been featured in several films and TV shows, including “The Tannerites Channel,” “The Tannerite Brothers,” and “The Tannerites Christmas Adventure”
  •  Was named one of the “Top 10 Most Influential YouTubers” by Forbes magazine in 2020
  •  Received the “YouTube Silver Creator Award” in 2016 and the “YouTube Gold Creator Award” in 2017
  • Has won several awards for his filmmaking and acting skills, including the “Best Film” award at the Utah Film Festival in 2018 and the “Best Actor” award at the FilmQuest Film Festival in 2019

In addition to his achievements in the entertainment industry, Branson is also a successful businessman. He is the co-founder of the Tannerites clothing line and the Tannerites app. He is also a popular speaker and motivator, and he has travelled the world sharing his story and inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

Net Worth 

Branson Tannerites’ net worth is estimated to be around $1 million as of August 4, 2023. He earns money from various sources, including:

  • YouTube ad revenue: The Tannerites YouTube channel has over 6.7 million subscribers and generates millions of views each month. Branson earns a significant amount of money from YouTube ad revenue.
  • Sponsorships: Branson Tannerites has partnered with several brands for sponsorships. He promotes these brands in his videos and on social media.
  • Merchandise sales: Branson Tannerites sells his own merchandise, including clothing, hats, and other accessories.
  • Acting: Branson Tannerites has appeared in several films and TV shows. He earns money from his acting roles.
  • Speaking engagements: Branson Tannerites is a popular speaker and motivator. He travels the world sharing his story and inspiring others to pursue their dreams. He is paid for his speaking engagements.

Famous Videos

Here is a list of the top 6 most famous videos of Branson Tannerities, based on views as of August 4, 2023:

1. Extreme Backyard Challenge – Exploding 1,000 Tannerite Targets (82 million views)

2. Tannerite Surprise – Exploding 10,000 Tannerite Targets (43 million views)

3. Tannerite vs. Everything – Exploding Cars, Boats, and More (32 million views)

4. Tannerite Fails – Hilarious Explosions (23 million views)

5. Tannerite vs. Watermelons – Exploding Watermelon Towers and More (17 million views)

6. Tannerite vs. Cars – Exploding Cars in Slow Motion (11 million views)

Social Media

Here is a list of details of Branson Tannerities’ social media accounts including followers, posts, and following as of November 2, 2023:

  • YouTube (Tannerites channel):

  – Followers: 6.7 million

  – Posts: 3.82K

  – Following: 16

  • YouTube (Yawi Vlogs channel):

  – Followers: 2 million

  – Posts: 1.28K

  – Following: 12

  • YouTube (personal channel):

  – Followers: 31.9K

  – Posts: 224

  – Following: 2

  • Instagram:

  – Followers: 47.1K

  – Posts: 1.3K

  – Following: 108

  • TikTok:

  – Followers: 24.3K

  – Posts: 432

  – Following: 87


Branson Tannerities is a social media influencer and YouTuber who is popular for his family vlog channel Tannerites, his challenge channel Yawi Vlogs, and his personal channel. He has a large and engaged following on social media, with over 9 million followers across YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Tannerities is known for his outgoing personality, his sense of humor, and his willingness to try new things. He often posts videos of himself and his family doing challenges, pranks, and vlogs. He also uses his platform to raise awareness for important causes, such as mental health and suicide prevention.Tannerities is a positive and inspiring role model for his fans.

He encourages them to be themselves, to follow their dreams, and to never give up. He is also a strong advocate for family and community. Branson Tannerities is a talented and successful social media influencer and YouTuber. He uses his platform to connect with his fans, to share his life and work with them, and to make a positive impact on the world.

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