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Joseph Garrett, widely recognized as Stampy Cat, is a prominent British YouTuber and gamer celebrated for his vibrant Minecraft content. Stampy rose to fame through his captivating Let’s Play series, where he embarks on virtual adventures, constructing imaginative creations within the pixelated landscapes of Minecraft. His videos are characterized by a unique blend of humor, charm, and child-friendly commentary, making them immensely popular among audiences of all ages. Stampy’s joyful and inclusive approach to gaming has not only garnered him a massive following but has also contributed to the broader appeal of Minecraft as a family-friendly gaming platform.

Beyond his YouTube success, Stampy has diversified his creative endeavors. He has authored books, expanding his footprint in the entertainment world. Stampy’s positive influence extends beyond the virtual realm, as his engaging content and genuine personality continue to inspire and entertain fans worldwide.

Detail’s Table of Joseph Garrett

Full NameJoseph Garrett
Online AliasStampy Cat
BirthdateDecember 13, 1990
YouTube ChannelStampylonghead (formerly), Stampy
YouTube SubscribersMillions
Minecraft SeriesLet’s Play Minecraft series
Content StyleFamily-friendly gaming, Minecraft adventures
Other VenturesAuthor of books
Notable FeaturesCheerful commentary, engaging personality
Detail’s Table of Joseph Garrett

Early life

Joseph Garrett’s early life is not extensively available publicly. However, some basic details are known. Joseph Garrett, also known as Stampy Cat, was born on December 13, 1990, in Portsmouth, England.

Before gaining fame as a YouTuber, Garrett reportedly worked as a barman and a waiter. The details about his early education and specific life experiences before his YouTube career are not as widely documented, as Garrett became significantly more well-known after starting his YouTube channel, especially with the success of his Minecraft content.

For more detailed and up-to-date information about Joseph Garrett’s early life, it’s recommended to check official biographies, interviews, or his own statements on various platforms.

Family and Relationship

Joseph Garrett was born in Havant Hampshire, England, on 13 December 1990. His father is a graphic designer, and his mother was a stay-at-home. He has two older sisters: Rachel and Annette, the latter of whom also has a Minecraft YouTube channel.

In 2018, Garrett became engaged to Kye Bates, a fellow Minecraft YouTuber known online as Sqaishey Quack. They were married in 2019. The two have a cat named Ori, and two dogs called Alyx and Mei. In 2014, Garrett described himself as “a very big introvert, I’m very shy.”


Joseph Garrett’s career is primarily centered around his success as a content creator on YouTube, particularly in the realm of gaming, with a focus on the popular game Minecraft. Here’s an overview of his career:

  1. YouTube Channel: Joseph Garrett started his YouTube channel under the username “stampylonghead” in 2006. Initially, he created Let’s Play videos for various games. Over time, he gained popularity for his Minecraft videos, which featured his animated cat avatar named Stampy Cat.
  2. Minecraft Videos: Stampy’s Minecraft videos became his signature content, featuring a mix of gameplay, storytelling, and creative building within the Minecraft world. His charming and family-friendly commentary style attracted a broad audience, especially younger viewers.
  3. Collaborations: Stampy collaborated with other popular YouTubers, including Squid (David Spencer), in various Minecraft series. These collaborations helped expand his audience and contributed to the overall success of his channel.
  4. Expansion to Other Platforms: Stampy’s success on YouTube led to opportunities on other platforms. He engaged with his audience through social media, attended gaming events, and expanded his brand.
  5. Authorship: Joseph Garrett is also an author. He has written books related to Minecraft and his experiences as a YouTuber, contributing to the literary aspect of gaming culture.
  6. Positive Impact: Stampy Cat is notable not just for his entertaining content but also for maintaining a family-friendly and positive atmosphere in his videos. His approach has made him a role model for younger gamers and contributed to Minecraft’s reputation as a suitable game for all ages.

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  1. YouTube Stardom: Stampy Cat gained immense popularity on YouTube, amassing millions of subscribers on his channels. His Minecraft videos, characterized by family-friendly content and creative gameplay, contributed to his widespread appeal.
  2. Influence on Minecraft Community: Stampy played a crucial role in popularizing Minecraft, especially among younger audiences. His engaging and positive approach to the game contributed to the game’s reputation as an enjoyable and family-friendly platform.
  3. Collaborations: Stampy collaborated with other well-known YouTubers, such as Squid (David Spencer), in various Minecraft series. These collaborations helped create a dynamic and entertaining content ecosystem within the Minecraft community.
  4. Authorship: Joseph Garrett is an author, and he has written books related to Minecraft and his experiences as a content creator. His books contribute to the literature surrounding gaming culture.
  5. Positive Impact: Stampy Cat is recognized for maintaining a positive and welcoming atmosphere in his content. His dedication to family-friendly gaming has made him a role model for younger audiences, and he’s often praised for providing a safe and enjoyable space within the gaming community.
  6. Brand Expansion: Stampy’s success on YouTube allowed him to expand his brand beyond the platform. He engaged with fans through social media, attended gaming events, and explored opportunities in the gaming and entertainment industry.


  1. Content Creation: Stampy Cat’s primary focus is on creating entertaining and family-friendly content, particularly within the Minecraft gaming community. This likely involves spending a significant amount of time planning, recording, and editing videos.
  2. Community Engagement: Successful content creators often engage with their audience through various platforms, including social media. This may involve responding to comments, participating in live streams, and attending events or conventions.
  3. Professional Collaborations: Stampy has collaborated with other YouTubers, and networking within the gaming and content creation industry could be part of his lifestyle. Collaborations often involve coordination and planning.
  4. Authorship: Given his status as an author, part of Stampy’s lifestyle may involve writing and promoting his books, possibly participating in book tours or other literary events.
  5. Gaming and Hobbies: Gaming is central to Stampy’s content, and it’s likely that playing games is also part of his leisure time. Additionally, like anyone, he may have personal hobbies and interests outside of his online presence.
  6. Privacy: Maintaining a level of privacy is common among public figures. While he shares aspects of his life through his content, there are likely areas of his personal life that he prefers to keep private.

Fun Facts

  1. Origins of the Name: The username “Stampy” was originally chosen by Garrett for his Xbox Live Gamertag, and it was suggested by a friend who thought it sounded funny. The “Cat” part was added later when creating his YouTube channel.
  2. Stampy’s Minecraft Friends: Stampy often collaborates with other YouTubers in his Minecraft videos, and one of his closest friends and frequent collaborators is Squid (David Spencer). The chemistry between Stampy and Squid has contributed to the popularity of their joint adventures.
  3. Educational Background: Before becoming a full-time content creator, Joseph Garrett studied at the University of Portsmouth. He has a degree in TV and video production.
  4. Red Nose Day Initiative: In 2015, Stampy and other YouTubers participated in the “Tube Heroes” initiative for Red Nose Day. They created limited-edition action figures, and the profits went to Comic Relief, a charity organization.
  5. Children’s Book Author: Stampy Cat has authored several books, including “Stampy’s Lovely Book” and “Stampy’s Lovely Diary.” These books often provide a mix of gaming tips, anecdotes, and creative activities.
  6. Fan-Driven Build Challenges: Stampy often involves his fans in his Minecraft world by setting up build challenges where they can contribute to specific projects. This interactive element enhances community engagement.
  7. Influence on Minecraft’s Popularity: Stampy has played a significant role in popularizing Minecraft, especially among younger audiences. His entertaining and family-friendly content has contributed to the game’s enduring success.
  8. Transition to Stampy Shorts: In addition to his longer Let’s Play videos, Stampy also created “Stampy Shorts,” which are shorter, more focused videos. These shorts allow for quicker, bite-sized entertainment for his audience.

Net Worth

As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be approximately £11 million ($14 million).

Social media


Joseph Garrett, the creative force behind the online persona Stampy Cat, stands as a luminary in the realm of family-friendly gaming. Born on December 13, 1990, in Portsmouth, England, Garrett’s ascent to prominence began with his YouTube channel, stampylonghead, in 2006. Renowned for his captivating Minecraft Let’s Play series, his animated cat avatar, Stampy Cat, navigates virtual worlds with an infectious blend of humor and positivity. Beyond YouTube, Garrett has penned books, contributing to the gaming literary landscape. Embodying a commitment to fostering a safe gaming community, he influences not only the digital realm but also leaves an indelible mark on the cultural perception of gaming, emphasizing joy, creativity, and inclusivity for millions of fans worldwide.

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