Gaurav Taneja Biography | His Age, Height, Net worth, family & more

Gaurav Taneja is an Indian YouTuber and social media influencer known for his fitness and lifestyle content. He is a popular figure in the Indian YouTube community and has a significant following on his YouTube channel, “Flying Beast,” where he primarily shares vlogs about his life, fitness routines, travel experiences, and family.

He gained recognition not only for his fitness-related content but also for his transparent and informative videos on topics like the aviation industry, pilot life, and consumer awareness. He has often used his platform to address various issues and concerns, including those related to the aviation industry and safety.

Gaurav Taneja details

Full NameGaurav Taneja
NicknameFlying Beast
Date of BirthJuly 9, 1986
Age37 (as of November 2023)
Place of BirthKanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
OccupationYouTuber, Pilot, Fitness Trainer
YouTube ChannelFlying Beast
YouTube SubscribersOver 7.5 million subscribers
Instagram Handle@taneja.gaurav
Twitter Handle@flyingbeast320
Educational BackgroundB.Tech in Electrical Engineering
ProfessionCommercial Pilot
SpouseRitu Rathee Taneja
ChildrenRashi and Pihu Taneja
Gaurav Taneja details

His Height, weight, Bicep size & looks

HeightApproximately 5 feet 7 inches
WeightAround 75 kg
Bicep size16- 20 inches
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack
Style QuotientKnown for a casual and sporty look
Physical FitnessHighly fit, often shares workout routines
His Height, weight, Bicep size & looks

His Early Life

Gaurav Taneja Biography

Gaurav Taneja was born in Kanpur, India, on July 9, 1986. He grew up in a regular Indian family, and like many kids, he went to school to learn. As he got older, he developed a passion for fitness and staying healthy.

He didn’t always dream of being a YouTuber. In fact, he became a pilot and worked in the aviation industry. It’s a bit like being a driver but for airplanes. He did this for several years and even shared some insights about this job on YouTube.

Later, Gaurav decided to start his own YouTube channel called “Flying Beast.” Here, he began making videos about his life, workouts, and his family’s adventures. His honesty and down-to-earth style made him popular on YouTube.

Gaurav Taneja’s early life was pretty typical, but he found success by sharing his experiences and tips with others on the internet.

Gaurav’s Family

  • Father: Yogendra Kumar Taneja
  • Mother: Bharti Taneja
  • Sibling:  Swati Taneja
  • Wife: Ritu Rathee Taneja
  • Daughters: Rashi and Pihu Taneja
Gaurav taneja Family
Gaurav taneja Family

Gaurav Taneja is married to Ritu Rathee Taneja. They have two daughters Rashi and Pihu. Gaurav often includes his family in his YouTube videos, sharing their daily life and adventures with his viewers. His family is an integral part of his YouTube channel, “Flying Beast,” and they collectively engage with a large online audience.

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His Career

  • Pilot: Gaurav Taneja worked as a commercial pilot in the aviation industry. Being a pilot is like being a driver but for airplanes. He gained experience in this field, and his insights into the aviation industry were the basis for some of his early YouTube content.
  • YouTuber: Gaurav Taneja is most widely recognized for his career as a YouTuber. He started his YouTube channel called “Flying Beast,” where he shares vlogs about his daily life, fitness routines, family adventures, and travel experiences. His channel has gained a substantial following, and he has become a well-known figure in the Indian YouTube community.
  • Fitness Enthusiast: Gaurav is passionate about fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He often shares his fitness routines, diet tips, and workout regimens with his YouTube audience. His dedication to fitness has inspired many of his viewers to adopt healthier lifestyles.
  • Consumer Advocate: Gaurav Taneja also uses his platform to discuss and raise awareness about various consumer-related issues. He has been vocal about topics like consumer rights, product reviews, and safety concerns.
gaurav taneja twitter


Gaurav Taneja

Allegations Against Airlines: Gaurav Taneja, being a pilot himself, has spoken out about various issues in the aviation industry. In 2020, he posted a video where he made allegations against his former employer, IndiGo Airlines, regarding safety concerns and practices. This video gained significant attention and sparked a broader conversation about airline safety in India.

  • Partied in metro w/o permission: Gaurav Taneja was booked for violating section 144 of the CrPC, which has been in force in Noida since June 19. He was also booked under section 188 (disobedience to order duly promulgated by a public servant). CrPC Section 144 prohibits the assembly of four or more people. Nisha Wadhawan, officer on special duty, NMRC, told Hindustan Times that they had received a booking for a birthday celebration with 200 guests. She said they had informed Taneja’s manager to inform the local police about the function. The police, however, said Taneja didn’t seek permission.

Controversies with YouTubers:

  • CarryMinati vs. Gaurav Taneja: One of the more prominent controversies involved a dispute with popular YouTuber CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar). This dispute revolved around differences in content creation and personal views. However, it’s important to note that Gaurav and CarryMinati eventually resolved their issues and appeared to have moved past the controversy.
  • Dhruv Rathee: Gaurav Taneja had a public exchange of words with YouTuber and political commentator Dhruv Rathee over differences in their views and opinions on various topics. This dispute played out on social media platforms.
  • Mumbiker Nikhil: Gaurav Taneja also had a public disagreement with fellow YouTuber Mumbiker Nikhil (Nikhil Sharma) regarding personal and content-related matters. This dispute was followed by online exchanges and discussions among their respective fan bases.

Gaurav Taneja Net Worth

Gaurav Taneja has an estimated net worth of around $6 million in 2023, which is equivalent to 50 Crore in Indian rupees.

Social Media

social media profiles for Gaurav Taneja, aka Flying Beast:

  1. YouTube: Flying Beast YouTube Channel
  2. Instagram: Gaurav Taneja on Instagram
  3. Twitter: Gaurav Taneja on Twitter


Gaurav Taneja, known as Flying Beast on YouTube, makes videos about his life, fitness, and family. He was a pilot, but now he’s a popular YouTuber. He’s worth around $6 million in 2023. He’s had some controversies, including speaking out about aviation safety and disagreements with other YouTubers.

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