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In the ever-evolving world of social media and YouTube, rising stars emerge, capturing the hearts of millions with their captivating content. One such name that has become popular with entertainment is B.Lou. Known for his charm and relatable boy-next-door appearance, B.Lou has carved an ideal position for himself on the internet. In this article, we will dive deep into his career, net worth, age, and personal life.

B. Lou Personal Details

Personal DetailsInformation
Full NameB.Lou
AgeNot specified (as of knowledge cutoff in September 2021)
BirthdateNot specified
BirthplaceNot specified
ResidenceUnited States
Relationship StatusSingle
ChildrenYes, has a son (approximately 5-7 years old)
Previous PartnerDomi Vuitton (relationship status uncertain)
Social Media PresenceActive on YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms
Notable AchievementsViral YouTube videos, music career
Interests and HobbiesContent creation, music, reaction videos

B.Lou’s Personal Life: Girlfriend and Family

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B.Lou’s personal life is a topic of curiosity for many of his fans. At the moment, he is single, but he is a doting father to a young son, who appears to be around 5-7 years old. The identity of his son’s mother remains undisclosed, but what’s evident is his deep love and affection for his child.

B.Lou was previously in a relationship with Instagram star Domi Vuitton. They were known for their chemistry and bond, and they created many videos together. While their current relationship status is unclear, the affection they shared on screen left a lasting impact on their viewers.

B. Lou’s Career


B.Lou’s career took flight as one-half of the popular YouTube channel, ZIAS!. The channel’s most viral video featured the reaction to XXXTENTACION’s “Look at Me,” racking up over 5 million views. With a staggering 3.9 million subscribers on the channel, B.Lou has proven his knack for creating content that resonates with his audience.

YouTube Stardom journey

B.Lou started his YouTube journey in 2011, although it wasn’t until 2019 that he began regularly posting videos. His primary channel boasts 1.27 million subscribers and an impressive 89 million views as of May 2021. His videos encompass a wide range of content, including reaction videos, challenges, pranks, and music videos.

One of his earliest videos, “(LOUWOP) Try not to sing along challenge!!! Winner gets $500 Dollars,” amassed over 1.2 million views. Together with his partner JustZink, they created the ‘ZIAS!’ channel, which currently has 4.28 million subscribers and a staggering 575 million views. Their reaction video to XXXTENTACION’s “Look at Me” remains one of their most popular videos, with 20 million views and 573k likes.

Music Career

B.Lou’s talents extend beyond YouTube. He’s made a name for himself in the music industry, with tracks available on platforms like Spotify, JioSaavn, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and YouTube Music. His music primarily falls within the Hip Hop and Rap genres, and he began his music career in 2017.

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B.Lou: The Rising Social Media Celebrity

B.Lou’s rise to fame can be attributed to his unique and entertaining content. His reaction videos, challenges, and music have attracted a loyal fan base. His YouTube channels, particularly ZIAS!, have gained immense popularity, showcasing his charisma and relatability.

With a blend of humor and down-to-earth charm, B.Lou has successfully gained millions of subscribers and viewers who eagerly await his content. His journey from YouTube to the music industry reflects his versatility and adaptability as an artist.

His Net Worth

B.Lou’s net worth of $100,000 is a testament to his hard work and dedication. While this figure might be considered modest in the grand scheme of celebrity net worths, it’s a substantial accomplishment for a rising star who built his fame from the ground up.

His income primarily comes from his YouTube videos, estimated to range between $75,000 to $90,000, and his music career, which adds an additional $55,000 to $60,000 to his annual earnings. Combining all his income sources and assets, B.Lou’s net worth is estimated to be around $5-6 million.

B. Lou Net Worth

Income SourceEstimated Earnings (Annual)
YouTube Videos$75,000 – $90,000
Music Career$55,000 – $60,000
Other AssetsVaries
Total Net Worth$100,000

Social Media

B.Lou is a popular YouTuber and rapper who is known for his reaction videos and music. He has the following social media accounts:

  • YouTube: He has two channels, LOU WAP and ZIAS!, with 1.34 million and 4.7 million subscribers respectively. He posts reaction videos, vlogs, and music videos on his channels.
  • Instagram: He has 946k followers on his account @all_1k. He shares photos and videos of his life, travels, and music.
  • Twitch: He has 516k followers on his account @blouwop. He streams games, music, and chats with his fans.


In the world of social media, B.Lou has emerged as a relatable, charismatic, and multi-talented figure. His journey from a YouTube sensation to a musician showcases his adaptability and his knack for captivating audiences. With a net worth that reflects his success, B.Lou continues to be a rising star, leaving a trail of entertainment and inspiration in his wake.

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