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In the vast landscape of social media influencers and content creators, Ashlund Jade stands out with a remarkable story and a captivating presence. Ashlund Jade, an American YouTuber, content creator, and social media influencer, has carved a niche for herself in the world of online entertainment. In this article, we’ll take you through Ashlund Jade’s journey, from her early aspirations to her current status as a YouTube sensation, all while maintaining a personal touch.

Ashlund Jade’s Personal Information

Ashlund Jade

Ashlund Jade‘s story begins with the basics, her personal information. She was born on February 16, 2003, making her 20 years old as of now. Her YouTube journey commenced on September 6, 2014, when she took her first step into the world of online content creation. Ashlund Jade, also known as ‘AshlundJade’ on her YouTube channel, hails from Utah, United States of America. Her profile indicates that she’s still active in her endeavours.

Biodata Table

FULL NAMEAshlund Jade
DATE OF BIRTH16 February, 2003
AGE20 years (as of 2023)
PROFESSIONSonger, Dancer, Actress, Youtuber
COUNTRYUnited States of America
NET WORTH$1 Million

Physical Appearance

EYE COLOURDark Brown eyes
HAIR COLOURBlonde hair

Her Career

Ashlund Jade

Her journey to stardom is nothing short of inspiring. From a young age, she had a deep passion for both singing and dancing, nurturing dreams of becoming a pop artist. She didn’t just dream; she took action. Jade enrolled in a performing arts institute, where she honed her vocal abilities and delved into the intricacies of various singing techniques. Her commitment to dance training went hand in hand with her singing classes.

In 2015, she decided to share her talents with the world by launching her YouTube channel. Her first cover video of ‘Cool Kids’ by Echosmith quickly went viral, amassing over a million views within the initial months. This breakthrough propelled her into YouTube stardom, establishing her as a promising singer.

Subsequent covers, including ‘Lips are Movin‘ by Meghan Trainor and ‘Fight Song’ by Rachel Platten, garnered significant attention. Her renditions of ‘NO’ and ‘Me Too’ by Meghan Trainor showcased her versatile talent. She even choreographed her cover of ‘Lean On,’ produced under ‘DreamWorks Pictures,’ a prominent production house.

Ashlund Jade career

A year later, Jade relocated to California, where she embarked on a modeling career. She shared her photoshoots on her channel, collaborating with renowned brands and featuring in ‘Showstopper Magazine.’ In August 2017, she graced the stage at the Creator Viewer Experience (CVX) Live event, catering to online media creators and their enthusiastic fan base. Subsequently, she embarked on a live performance tour, accompanied by prominent social media figures like Brooklyn and Bailey.

Diversifying her channel’s content, Jade introduced makeup tutorials, travel vlogs, and videos capturing birthdays and Christmas celebrations. She also ventured into the realm of viral challenge videos. Several of Jade’s music videos found a home on the ‘DreamWorks’ YouTube channel. In 2017, she participated in ‘The Pop Game,’ a talent competition led by renowned music producer Timbaland.

Although she didn’t clinch victory, Jade left an indelible mark with her stellar performances. Her potential extends beyond singing; she is steadily making strides in the field of acting. Jade has featured in miniseries and TV films, with her debut in ‘The Red Tent’ in 2014, playing the young Dinah. She also made a cameo appearance in the 2014 TV film ‘Galentine’ and guest-starred as herself in a 2017 episode of ‘Giggles Talk.’

In addition to her entertainment career, Jade has ventured into the corporate world, working for companies such as ‘American Express,’ ‘AMC,’ and ‘Lifetime’ to support her financial stability.

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Personal Life

Ashlund Jade reationship

Beyond her professional life, Ashlund Jade maintains a private stance when it comes to her family and educational background. She was born in Utah, USA, on February 16, 2003, and she has two younger siblings. As for her romantic life, rumors abound about her involvement with a mysterious partner.

Boyfriend & Relationship status

Ashlund Jade is not dating anyone as of 2023. Ashlund has twenty years of age. Ashlund Jade had a minimum of one past relationship, according CelebsCouples. She has never before been engaged.

Net Worth

Ashlund Jade’s remarkable career has not only brought her fame but also financial success. As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. Her primary sources of income include YouTube and Instagram. Social Blade reports that her YouTube channel ‘AshlundJade’ earns between USD 4 and USD 67 per month, as well as USD 51 to USD 809 per year.

Ashlund’s Social Media Statistics

Her online presence extends beyond YouTube. With over 266k subscribers and a staggering 40 million plus views on her YouTube channel, she has cemented herself as a prominent figure in the online world. Her Instagram account, under the handle ‘ashlundjade,’ boasts 127k followers, reinforcing her influence on multiple platforms.

Content on YouTube

Ashlund Jade’s YouTube channel, ‘AshlundJade,’ boasts more than 266k subscribers. Her content revolves around makeover videos, lifestyle vlogs, and other engaging topics. With her unique style and engaging approach, she has garnered a loyal following.

Interesting Facts

While Ashlund Jade’s journey is primarily known for her online presence, her ability to transition from singing to modeling and even acting showcases her versatility. Her dedication and hard work have made her a prominent figure not only on YouTube but also in various entertainment and corporate realms..


Ashlund Jade’s journey from an aspiring artist to a prominent YouTube sensation is nothing short of inspiring. Her dedication to her craft, from singing to modelling and acting, showcases her versatility and determination. With millions of fans and a substantial net worth, Ashlund Jade continues to leave a mark in the world of online content creation. Her personal touch and engaging content have endeared her to a vast audience, making her a true internet star.

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