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Amit Bhadana, one of the most popular icon in Indian comedy industry, is a YouTube sensation known for his side-splitting humor and relatable sketches. Born on September 7, 1994, in Johripur, Delhi, this comedic maestro has taken the digital world by storm with his uproarious videos. 

With over 24 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Amit Bhadana has cemented his status as a pioneer in the world of Desi Hindi comedy. This introduction provides a glimpse into the life and career of a comedic genius who brings joy and laughter to millions of viewers across the globe.

Amit Badhana Personal Details

Personal DetailsInformation
Full NameAmit Bhadana
ProfessionYouTuber, Comedian
Date of BirthSeptember 7, 1994
Age (as of 2023)28 years
BirthplaceJohripur, Delhi, India
HometownJohripur, Delhi, India
Marital StatusUnmarried
GirlfriendRiya Mavi (Co-YouTuber)
Net Worth (approx.)$7 Million (USD)
Home AddressDelhi, India
SchoolLovely Buds Public School, Johripur, Delhi, India
College / UniversityDelhi University, Delhi, India
Father’s NameNarendra Bhadana
Mother’s NameNot Known
Brother’s NameSumit Bhadana

Bhadana’s Early Life

Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana was born in the quaint town of Johripur, Delhi, India, on September 7, 1994. Raised in a modest family, he spent his formative years in the heart of Delhi. His family includes his father, Narendra Bhadana, and his brother, Sumit Bhadana. Narendra Bhadana had hopes of Amit pursuing a career in law, but destiny had other plans in store.

A Comedy Maestro

Amit’s step into the world of humor began on the digital platform. After completing his first year in college, he shared a dubbed video on Facebook. This video swiftly garnered a massive audience and hinted at his comedic prowess. Encouraged by the response, Amit decided to dive headfirst into the world of comedy and YouTube.

Educational Background

Amit Bhadana’s educational journey took him from Lovely Buds Public School in Johripur, Delhi, to Delhi University. He successfully graduated with a degree in law. However, his passion for comedy and the knack for making people laugh were evident even during his school days. His classroom echoed with laughter as he regaled his peers with jokes and humor.

Physical Stats

Amit Bhadana stands at a height of approximately 5 feet 8 inches and weighs around 70 kilograms. His physique boasts a chest measuring 42 inches, a waist of 34 inches, and biceps of 14 inches. Dark brown eyes and jet-black hair complement his charming appearance.

Amit’s YouTube Debut

Amit Bhadana, the man behind the laughter, has built a reputation for his uproarious comedy videos, short films, and web series. His content is a hit in Desi Hindi, drawing in millions of viewers. With over 20 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, he has risen to become a comedy luminary. Let’s embark on a journey through the life and career of this comedic genius.

The comedic maverick launched his YouTube channel on October 24, 2012. His videos predominantly feature humor in Hindi and Haryanvi languages, showcasing his versatility as a comedian. Over the years, his dedication paid off, and Amit Bhadana emerged as the first individual YouTube content creator in India to amass a staggering 20 million subscribers in May 2020.

Awards and Achievements

Amit Bhadana’s contributions to the world of comedy have not gone unnoticed. He proudly displays the coveted YouTube Diamond, Gold Play Button, and Silver Play Button as testaments to his achievements. These accolades signify the immense love and admiration he has garnered from his viewers.

Amit Bhadana’s Personal Life

As of now, Amit Bhadana remains unmarried. He has, however, been linked with Riya Mavi, a fellow YouTuber, although the nature of their relationship remains rumored. Amit Bhadana manages to keep his personal life relatively free of controversies.

Net Worth and Earnings

Amit Bhadana’s comedic journey has not only filled hearts with laughter but also filled his pockets with wealth. While exact figures of his net worth remain undisclosed, his earnings flow in from various sources. His substantial following on YouTube, with millions of subscribers, makes him a sought-after choice for sponsored content.

 An estimation of his earnings from TikTok posts suggests he earns around $150,000 to $200,000 monthly. These financial feats contribute to his estimated net worth of approximately $7 million.

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Amit Badhana Net Worth

DescriptionEstimated Amount
Estimated Net WorthApproximately $7 Million (USD)
YouTube SubscribersMillions
TikTok FollowersNot available (estimated in millions)

His Social Media Presence

Amit Bhadana’s influence transcends YouTube, extending to various social media platforms. He maintains a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. His YouTube channel, Instagram, and Facebook page have 24.3 million subscribers, 8.7 million followers, and 9.3 million followers, respectively.

The Personal Tastes of Amit

Amit Bhadana’s preferences reveal more about the man behind the laughter. He admires the iconic Salman Khan as his favorite actor, appreciates the talents of Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt, and enjoys the music of Neha Kakkar and Justin Bieber.

When it comes to dance, Hrithik Roshan’s moves leave him in awe. Amit’s hobbies include acting, watching movies, gaming, and video shoots. He is drawn to destinations like Canada, Dubai, and London and finds delight in black, white, blue, and red colors. Apples, bananas, and mangoes are his preferred fruits, and he is an avid fan of cricket and video games. A dog lover at heart, Amit Bhadana has carved a niche in the comedy world with his unique blend of humor.

Facts About Him

  • Born in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, Amit Bhadana’s journey to stardom began through Facebook before finding his true calling on YouTube.
  • All the talented individuals who form Amit’s team are his friends who contribute to the creation of his videos.
  • In 2017, one of his videos became a viral sensation, garnering 7 lakh views on Facebook in a single day and 9 lakh views on YouTube in just one day. It swiftly became one of the world’s top-trending videos, catapulting him to international fame.

In the world of laughter and comedy, Amit Bhadana reigns supreme. His journey from a humble upbringing to international acclaim showcases the power of talent, dedication, and the ability to make people laugh. Amit’s age may be young, but his influence in the world of humor is undeniable. With millions of subscribers and a skyrocketing career, Amit Bhadana’s star continues to shine brightly.


Amit Bhadana’s age, net worth, and incredible ascent in the comedy realm are a testament to his exceptional talents. He has not only carved a niche for himself but also brought immense joy and laughter to his fans. As he continues to spread smiles and laughter through his work, Amit Bhadana’s future is indeed filled with even greater promise and potential.

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