AmandaLee Fago: Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight and more

In the ever-evolving world of social media, where fame and influence are just a click away, the story of Amanda Lee Fago, affectionately known as Aunt Amanda on TikTok, is nothing short of inspiring. With her engaging personality, parenting advice, and delectable food recipes, Aunt Amanda has won the hearts of millions of followers. In this article, we will delve into her fascinating life and career, highlighting her journey to becoming a TikTok sensation.

Aunt Amanda’s Biodata

NAMEAmandaLee Fago
PROFILE NAME@Auntie AmandaLee
DATE OF BIRTH18 May, 1988
AGE35 years old (as of 2023)
YEARS ACTIVE2010-present
PROFESSIONSocial Media Star

Her Physical Appearance

HEIGHT5 ft. 2 in. (157cm)
WEIGHT58 kg (approx. 128 lbs)

About AmandaLee Fago’s Early Life and Family

AmandaLee Fago was born in New York in May 1988. Her husband, Joseph Fago, is not only a video gamer but also a songwriter. Amanda and Joseph’s love story began with dating for a couple of years before they tied the knot. While Aunt Amanda has shared much of her life with her followers, she remains relatively private about her family and educational background.

One glimpse into her family life comes from an Instagram post featuring her grandmother, Betty Jane, who sadly passed away in September 2020. This snippet of her personal life reflects Aunt Amanda’s genuine and relatable presence on social media.

Her Education and Nursing Career

Although Amanda Lee Fago’s educational background isn’t widely disclosed on social media, one thing is clear—she is a nurse by profession. Her journey from nursing to social media stardom is a testament to her versatility and adaptability.

Aunt Amanda’s Rise to Fame

AmandaLee Fago

Aunt Amanda’s journey to stardom on social media was a serendipitous one. Her TikTok account had been active since 2017, but she didn’t expect to become a sensation. Her first video to reach a million views featured her son drinking bottled juice, a charming and relatable moment that resonated with viewers.

Before achieving fame on TikTok, Amanda worked as a nurse. However, she had to make a difficult decision to leave her job due to her son Dylan’s various illnesses and medical concerns. In an interview, Aunt Amanda revealed that her TikTok account became an escape from the challenges she faced as a parent.

“I honestly joined TikTok because I was at a point in my life with my son when he had a lot of medical health issues, and I was just looking for a vice just for a moment to take my mind off things.”

The distraction provided by TikTok was a respite from the reality that Amanda had to leave her job to care for her son, who required a knee osteotomy to correct a deformity.

Aunt Amanda’s TikTok content spans a wide range of topics, from food videos and parenting advice to storytelling and dance videos. Her relatable and down-to-earth style has endeared her to her vast audience.

Amanda’s Supporting Causes and Navigating Challenges

Aunt Amanda’s high reach and dedicated following have allowed her to use her platform for advocacy. She has supported various causes, including body positivity and local business initiatives, using her influence for a positive impact.

However, no journey to fame is without its challenges. Aunt Amanda, despite her positive influence, faced backlash during the 2020 US Presidential elections. When she revealed her choice for President, which happened to be the incumbent Donald Trump, it ignited a controversy that led to a loss of followers. The cancel culture reared its head, as social media users criticised her for her political stance.

Aunt Amanda’s Net Worth

Amanda Lee Fago, or Aunt Amanda, boasts an estimated net worth of around $1 million as of October 2023. However, her financial success could be even higher, considering her ability to leverage her social media influence as a side hustle. Notably, Aunt Amanda is a nurse by profession, which adds an intriguing layer to her story.

One significant contributor to her impressive net worth is her massive following on social media. Her TikTok account alone boasts over 4 million followers, making her eligible for the coveted TikTok creator fund.

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Sources of Income

Aunt Amanda’s impressive net worth of $1 million is a result of her various sources of income. In addition to the revenue generated by sponsorships and advertisements on her YouTube channel, she has expanded her influence to other social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok.

Earning on TikTok

AmandaLee Fago

Content creators like Aunt Amanda leverage the TikTok creator fund, which is determined by factors such as the number of followers, views, and engagements. Additionally, companies pay social media influencers to promote their products. On her TikTok account, AmandaLee Fago charges between $9,000 and $13,000 per sponsored post, reflecting her significant influence.

Instagram Endeavours

AmandaLee also maintains an Instagram account with nearly 174,000 followers. This platform allows her to secure brand deals and offers for sponsored posts. For one sponsored post, she commands between $4,000 and $7,000, showcasing her ability to monetize her social media presence.

AmandaLee allocates her earnings towards luxury clothing and cosmetic products. She and her family indulge in travel, spending thousands of dollars on vacations. This glimpse into her lifestyle mirrors her success in the social media realm.

The TikTok Community

Aunt Amanda is not alone in her journey to monetize her TikTok fame. Content creators, especially on TikTok, find multiple avenues to generate income. This includes selling merchandise to their fans and conducting live sessions where viewers can convert virtual gifts into real US dollars.


Aunt Amanda’s story is a testament to the power of social media to transform lives. From being a nurse to becoming a TikTok sensation with a net worth of $1 million, her journey is filled with challenges, triumphs, and the unwavering support of her dedicated followers. While her rise to fame was accidental, her impact on social media has been significant.

Aunt Amanda’s ability to use her platform for advocacy and her relatable content have endeared her to millions. Despite facing challenges, including backlash from cancel culture, she continues to inspire and entertain. Her story is a reminder that anyone, regardless of their background, can find success and make a positive impact in the digital age.

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